Here is a little introduction on the two of us and our business. My name is Emily and this is my husband Nathan. We have been married since 2016 and  bought our dream farm/home in 2017. We are very excited about this new venture. My husband has some farm experience with all different kinds of animals including cows, sheep, chickens and pigs. While I have experience mainly with horses and chickens. This has been both of our dream! We have started this farm to make "farm to fork" more accessible to the public. This way we know where our food comes from and what was put into it. The animals are treated humanely and given the best possible life. Our animals are raised without antibiotics or growth hormones. My husband and I do this because we love animals and we aren't afraid of hard work. 

We hope to have you join us on our journey and support Spring Hollow Farm.


We believe the key to quality meat and animal health is treating our animals  as humanely as possible. We allow our sows to farrow in an open pen 10'x12' stall. So they are able to be less stressed and are given the space for them to complete their mothering instincts during farrowing. 


We have purchased our brood cows and a bull in 2017. We will not be ready to fill beef orders for a couple of years. Cows gestation period is 9 months and it takes approximately 15-18 months until a cow is ready to butcher. Our herd has some growing to do! 


We have eggs availble, meat chickens will be available the beginning of July. 

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